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Aircraft Management

Golden State Jet Aircraft Managment

World Class Aircraft Management Service

Are you currently receiving the maximum earning potential in the ownership of your aircraft? Is your current charter company providing you the utmost attention you deserve regarding the ownership of your aircraft? We know how hard it can be to ensure that aircraft investors get the most of their investment. Like any business, ensuring bottom line earnings are always a prime focus.

Golden State Jet has been helping aircraft owners like you in providing the maximum earnings value for their charter investment needs. We have dedicated aviation professionals with over 50 years’ experience in the aviation industry and specialize in aviation charter with committed aviation professionals that are willing to go the extra mile for our charter partners. At Golden State Jet, we understand that you are not just a number and you always get the best value for your aircraft investment. Delivering “The Gold Standard” is not just a phrase, it’s our motto!

We are currently seeking additional aircraft to add to our fleet and we at Golden State Jet know that we would be able to provide a mutual benefit to your aircraft ownership by partnering with us. If interested, we would love to discuss the opportunity we may be able to offer you.

Our aircraft management services include:

  • Management and regular maintenance of your aircraft
  • Ensuring your crew is available
  • Insurance maintenance
  • Fuel accounting
  • Monthly management statements
  • Promotion/Sales and Marketing of your aircraft

Golden State Jet is located in the Los Angeles area at the Van Nuys airport (one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country), so there is no doubt you will get the best return with us!

To find out more on partnering with Golden State Jet, please call us at:

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